Light Years by James Salter

Perhaps one of the top five novels of the 20th Century, James Salter's Light Years is a mesmerizing journey through a life. Pick it up, read two or three pages at a time, and then try to figure out how he does it.

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

I don’t quite know how to describe Yuval Noah Harari’s writing other than to say he helps me understand the world. Culture, history, science, economics, human nature—they’re all here, and presented in a way that brings me utter joy as I read, hoping that when I finish the book I’ll be able to find another that’s half as good.


Maps of the Imagination by Peter Turchi

A guide to fiction; every writer, every story, can benefit from this book. Beautifully constructed and filled with colorful images, Maps of the Imagination is Peter Turchi’s great gift to the world.

Burning the Days by James Salter

James Salter’s beautiful recollection of his own life, described as only Salter could. His journey from schoolboy to fighter pilot to professional writer is inspiring, but it’s Salter’s descriptions that are indispensable.


Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

There is no shortage of books available to inspire the artist, but I doubt there is one more effective than this quick, effective read. Don't put it off, get this book.

The Lie That Tells A Truth by John Dufresne

Having had the privilege of sitting across the table from John Dufresne at one of his marvelous workshops I can tell you he is the real deal; an actual author with multiple published books, a professor at a university, and someone who can help you become a better writer.