The Single Best Hack for Creativity

We can all find ourselves stuck at times when it comes to solving creative problems.

Our instinct is often to put our head down and push at the problem even harder. While this can sometimes be effective, often it only leaves us frustrated.

I’ve found my number one solution is to step away from the problem and take a walk. Any amount of time is helpful, but I like to shoot for at least an hour. I find most of my solutions arrive at about 40 minutes into the walk, and then I have another 20 minutes to really dig into whatever new ideas have arrived.

You may find walking by itself helpful, or you may experiment with listening to music or an intriguing podcast while you walk.

And as you walk, be aware of the problem you are trying to solve, but also let your mind drift as you observe your surroundings.

Keep writing (and walking,)


ps. Would you like to learn more ways to access creativity? Pick up The Net and the Butterfly by Olivia Fox Cabane and Judah Pollack for an entire book full of ideas and exercises.